gentle therapeutic foot reflexology

Hello friends,

I am beginning my excursion into the social media arena.  Please understand that my business is hands on… literally!

I know that this (social media stuff) is the means by which most people communicate these days, however, my most productive context is truly face to face, or more accurately, feet to face.   Bring your feet to me, let me make a visual and tactile examination, and you may find that this collaboration will be beneficial.  You may experience life in an enhanced way, likely with increased health benefits.  Sound interesting?  Hope so! I most certainly will have my life enhanced by the experience of meeting and working with you, and perhaps have the joy of finding relief from chronic or recent onset pain.

I welcome any and all challenges to aid those who are experiencing pain, emotional and/or physical, regardless of its origin.  Try it, what's the worst that can happen?  May have spent the most boring hour of your life!  OR, you will be able to determine on your very first visit if this foot reflexology technique will help you have an improved life experiene.

And for those who have chemical sensitivities, welcome home - I have them too.  My treatment environment is "clean", no artificial fragrances or cleaners, etc., including the sauna room.  No harmful chemicals are used to clean or "enhance" the environment here.

I look forward to working with you.

Jackie Stoliker
oh so relaxing. llc