gentle therapeutic foot reflexology

Hello friends,

This business is hands on… literally! 

Bring your feet to me, let me make a visual and tactile examination; you may find this collaboration beneficial.  Many say they experience life in an enhanced way.  Sound interesting?  Hope so!  You may have the joy of relief from recent-onset or chronic pain and stress.  

You will be able to determine on your very first visit if this technique fits into your self-care routine.

And for those who have chemical sensitivities, you are safe here.  I also have MCS and fibromyalgia myself.  My treatment environment is "clean", no artificial fragrances or cleaners, etc.  No harmful chemicals are used to clean or "enhance" the environment here.

I look forward to working with you.

Jackie Stoliker

oh so relaxing, llc

1775 Hillcurve

Haslett,MI 48840