mmmmm, Costa Rica, here I come!!

Hello dear friends,

I am leaving the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area for a few weeks, returning on February 29.  And yes, I am running away from the cold weather.  I admit it!!!!  It's 21 now but was 10 degrees upon waking this morning, brrrrrr!! 

So for any who have purchased Groupons or gift certificates, I will be up and running in March in my new Ypsilanti location in the former Ypsilanti High School Historic District..  I look forward to working with you.

And for my lovely current clients, I look forward to re-connecting with you in March, 2016.  

Please, everyone, take good care not to slip and fall during the potentially upcoming treacherous winter weather.  I hope that it isn't bad this winter, but, it's Michigan friends, we just need to adjust, or run south, towards the sun!!!

See you soon!

Your foot whisperer,



oh so relaxing studio location has moved...

The Kuehnle House studio setting has been sold.   Its new location is in the former Ypsilanti High School.  This historic setting has been repurposed into apartments.  Mine has 12 foot ceilings and windows that go to the ceiling.  Loving the natural light it affords.  

The move took place in September 2015, so hopefully by the end of October I'll be in full operation at the new location.  Just wanted to give you a heads-up on the new route needed to reach the oh so relaxing studio.

The new address is:

210 W. Cross Street #223,  Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Hours of operation are dictated by scheduled appointments, no drop in times are offered. Special appointment times can be arranged outside the stated hours of operation. 

I look forward to seeing you in the new location.


A little Northern Michigan is such a happy thing!!!

A new client asked me to come up north and work with her family in the Oscoda area.  I am so happy to report that I did travel to the Atlanta/Oscoda area last Sunday.  

And what a lovely time was had, especially by me.  The family was delightful to work with and my work area was in their living room, with the door to the lake to my right - with the lake breeze bathing me!  Gorgeous work environment!

In addition, it's been reported that the recipients of this gentle style of reflexology experienced positive results.  Happiness all around, I'd say.  Follow up visits are being considered!

Let me know if you need me to travel to your location.  I love to travel and see new places!  And sometimes it's just easier if I come to you rather than you traveling to Ann Arbor.

I look forward to working with you!

Want to try out this style of reflexology pretty cheap? $1 a minute!

Join me at the Hallmark Crown House of Gifts on Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, June 14, 2014, from 1-5pm.  

A lovely collaboration has been created here.  Please join us for a sampling of this extremely gentle style of foot reflexology for a $1 a minute.  If you cannot take the time on the 14th of June, at least stop by to pick up a coupon for either 15% off or an extra 15 minutes added to your first visit to my studio.  My studio is conveniently located near Plum Market on the Northwest side of Ann Arbor.  Or if you'd prefer, I can come to your location.  Either choice will introduce you to a delicious style of foot massage that promotes deep relaxation.  To use an overworked phrase, "try it, you'll like it".  Hope I'm not infringing on a copywritten phrase.