mmmmm, Costa Rica, here I come!!

Hello dear friends,

I am leaving the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area for a few weeks, returning on February 29.  And yes, I am running away from the cold weather.  I admit it!!!!  It's 21 now but was 10 degrees upon waking this morning, brrrrrr!! 

So for any who have purchased Groupons or gift certificates, I will be up and running in March in my new Ypsilanti location in the former Ypsilanti High School Historic District..  I look forward to working with you.

And for my lovely current clients, I look forward to re-connecting with you in March, 2016.  

Please, everyone, take good care not to slip and fall during the potentially upcoming treacherous winter weather.  I hope that it isn't bad this winter, but, it's Michigan friends, we just need to adjust, or run south, towards the sun!!!

See you soon!

Your foot whisperer,