Want to try out this style of reflexology pretty cheap? $1 a minute!

Join me at the Hallmark Crown House of Gifts on Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, June 14, 2014, from 1-5pm.  

A lovely collaboration has been created here.  Please join us for a sampling of this extremely gentle style of foot reflexology for a $1 a minute.  If you cannot take the time on the 14th of June, at least stop by to pick up a coupon for either 15% off or an extra 15 minutes added to your first visit to my studio.  My studio is conveniently located near Plum Market on the Northwest side of Ann Arbor.  Or if you'd prefer, I can come to your location.  Either choice will introduce you to a delicious style of foot massage that promotes deep relaxation.  To use an overworked phrase, "try it, you'll like it".  Hope I'm not infringing on a copywritten phrase.