Hello fellow MCS sufferers!

I've just "discovered" something that I believe will enhance my life - and maybe yours too.  I went to a Norwex home party recently.  At that party I was introduced to a chemical-free way to move through my life as a chemically sensitive person.  In the past twenty years, since being diagnosed, I've eliminated chemicals cleaners of all sorts from my home environment, but have wondered if I was exposing myself to other dangers by not "killing germs".  Norwex to the rescue.  Apparently, these guys have designed cloths that have anti-bacterial properties - without the use of chemicals.  YEAH!!!

Please contact me if you know of someone who'd be interested in knowing this information and getting some of the cloths in their hands.  One of the products I am absolutely impressed with is the face cloth  You moisten it with just water, use it to cleanse your face, mascara and all.  Then rub the cloth against itself under running water and the mascara "marks" disappear.  And your face feels FABulous!

They have lots of cool things.  Please cut and paste the link below into your web browser to discover something that may enhance your life experience as well.  The company has been around for a long time - I'm late to the game, but so happy to be invited to "play" with these guys!

Let me know if I can be of assistance to you or someone you love!