Wow, I was not always aware of where I was....
— E. M., SKE, Belleville, MI
I have this bubbly, sort of soda pop feeling inside. Feels great!
— L. C., Dexter, MI
I cannot believe how relaxing this is
— D. Z., Ann Arbor, MI
I am not the same person I was when I arrived today. What you do is awesome!
— E. G., Ann Arbor, MI
This was so much more relaxing than I expected! I mean I expected it to be relaxing, but this was really relaxing!
— M. C., Ann Arbor, MI
That was just heavenly! You truly have a vocation!
— L. G., Ann Arbor, MI
— L. G., Ann Arbor, MI
Wow!! That was heavenly!
— D. Z., Ann Arbor, MI
Thanks for your foot work. I enjoyed the time getting to know you. Keep going toward those goals.
— A. D., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you! Thank you very much....
— Love, E. and J. P., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you so much!
— C. M., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Dear Jackie,
It was an amazing hour of pampering! Just what I needed since I slept like a baby. Thanks for your generous, self-sacrifice.
— Love, S. G., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Dear Jackie,
Thank you for the love you showed us, we all needed it. May Jehovah bless you continually as you put him first.
— Love, G. H., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Dear Dear Jackie,
You are an excellent woman! Thank you so much for your kindness and self sacrifice.
We will never forget what you did for us as a couple.
— Love, W. and H. B., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thanks so much for your generosity and self-sacrifice!
— Love, L. and H. G., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Dear Jackie,
What a wonderful surprise to be pampered a bit by a wonderfully relaxing reflexology session during our stay at Belleville while attending BSCC!

May Jehovah bless the love you show. You are a treasure and we appreciate you so much!!
— With love, A. and D. B., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you for caring about our whole body health during class! Such a bonus and truly a loving-kindness for you to take care of us in that way.
Reflexology rocks!
— Love, R.C., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Dear Jacky,
Thank you :)
Oh how relaxing!
I really appreciate your generosity and love to help us stay happy and healthy in our school
— N.L., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you for happy feet.
— Love, R. and C. M., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you so much for making all us sisters less stressed out and happy! It’s so generous of you.
— Love, S.B., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you for sharing your talents with us. We have learned so much and will be practicing on each other.
— Love, S. and T. A., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Thank you so much for such a relaxing session! Thanks for your willingness to come and help us out!
— A. H., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Feel like I’m going to float away!
— A. H., Ann Arbor, MI
Dear Jackie,
Thank you so much for working on my feet yesterday! That was such a treat and I felt so much better afterwards.
Yesterday was a little stressful for me, but after my appointment with you I felt a lot better :)
Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to come spend time with us!
It is much appreciated!
— A. H., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
You have made the class sooo much fun!! :) :) :)
— I. A., BSCC 61st class, Belleville, MI
Helped me get rid of “frantic energy”. My foot feels more “spread out”!
— L.C., Whitmore Lake, MI
I like your humor. Every smile, every laughing is wonderful!
— Antje. Ann Arbor, MI
I love your openness and your big heart! You are a wonderful reflexologist!”
— Cheryl, Ann Arbor, MI
Trust your instincts - you do great work!
— Delynn C., Ann Arbor, MI
I love your perky energy, the sparkle in your eye, your desire to help and heal is so enticing!
— Caryn, Ann Arbor, MI
My foot feels more “spread out”. It helped get rid of frantic energy.
— Laura C., Whitmore Lake, MI
I love your fun-lovingness! That is healing!
— Anonymous, Ann Arbor, MI
I just wanted to thank you so much for the royal treatment. I appreciate so much you volunteering your precious time to make our stay in Belleville so nice. By the way... my last two exams for the day... I got 100% A+ :)

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for you to come.

Thank you! Thank you!

— A.H, BSCC Class #16, Belleville, MI
That was lovely!
— L.N., Ann Arbor, MI
I feel really good! That was awesome!
— M. G., Ann Arbor, MI
Dear Jackie,
My dancing feet and tingling toes want to thank you for putting a bounce back into my step.
It’s so nice of you to provide this comfort to the class, instructors, and of course, to me.
I know it’s not only a sacrifice in time and energy but also money. Here’s a little something to defray a fraction of your expenses.

Love ya Jackie
— T.K., Jackson, MI
Dear Jackie!

The foot massages were far beyond anything I had imagined! I thought I couldn’t stand anyone touching my feet!
They were awesome - and so are you!
Thank you so much for sharing your skill with me... just what I needed.
Much love and appreciation,
— K.L., Milan, MI
It was great! I’ll give you directions to come see me every week!
— J.A., Saluda, VA
Jackie worked on my feet for 20 minutes.
I get a monthly massage at home for an hour at a time. The outcome was almost the same.
Thank you!
— B.A., Saluda, VA
It was very relaxing and you could feel the tension in the feet and legs vanish. Wonderful!
— J.G., Livonia, MI
I enjoyed it beyond belief.
I didn’t know if it was real.
I’m a “show me” kind of girl. And it worked!
It was so cool and felt GREAT! 100% satisfaction.
— A.B., Chesapeake, VA
Best foot massage ever!
— L.B., Raleigh, NC
Awesome! Thank you!
— J.L., Livonia, MI
Amazing! Thank you so much!
— A.L., Livonia, MI
Very relaxing - feels good!
— M.L., SIlver Lake, IN
— D.A., Chesapeake, VA
You’re really good at what you do!
— H.B., Hale, MI
Been missing you.
Soothing for my sciatica.
That felt great!
— L.R., MI
— M. E., Belleville, MI
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my “Happy Feet” therapy! You take such good care of me.
— T. K., Jackson, MI
Thank you so much for the best foot massage that I have ever had.
— B. B.
It is such a loving gesture that you come and offer yourself willingly to do something special for so many who appreciate the sacrifice of your time, energy and resources.

I certainly enjoyed your company and your talents - wish we could contribute more to keep you in service. We do appreciate you...
— D. A., Baton Rouge, LA
Thank you so much for an amazing “foot session”!
It was a deep joy and pleasure to visit with you and enjoy the interchange of encouragement.
— M. H., Omaha, NB

Thank you so much for your loving kindness! Reflexology was awesome! Thanks for the tips!
— N. A., Wayne, MI
You are such a help and a blessing!
Who else gives me “twinkle toes”?
Love the time we spend together and love you.
— T. K., Jackson, MI
It was a loving provision that you made for us because it made us feel very relaxed
— M. D., Ohio
It’s like your hands are choreographed!
— R. M., North Carolina


I wanted to thank you so much for helping me with my hip/back pain!  I do not know what caused it, but the pain started hurting on August 24 and became very severe.  I made a doctor’s appointment for September 28.  X-rays were then taken and my doctor told me to take Motrin 3 x’s a day.  Days later the x-ray results came back and they showed nothing.

Two weeks later, on October 12, I called the doctor again and explained that it was still hurting severely even after the Motrin regiment.  He simply told me to continue the Motrin 3 x’s a day.  Not being happy with that, I made an appointment with an orthopedic physician for October 26.

On October 18, I received a reflexology treatment from you, and WOW!  What a difference!!  I felt immediate relief that day.  Although I did have some soreness as you explained that I would, I felt even better the following day with virtually no pain at all.  On October 25 I received a second treatment from you and the results were so great that I cancelled my appointment with the orthopedic doctor!  I also no longer needed Motrin and as of today, January 19, I have not had any more problems.

While I do not fully understand how exactly the reflexology treatments work, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the treatments and for doing such a wonder job with my pain.

Thank you, thank you thank you!!


Cathy S. Portillo